MAC Mission Statement Analysis

MAC was established in Toronto in 1984 by Frank Toskan, a make-up artist and photographer, and a salon owner, Frank Angelo. They started the brand when they did not like the available make-up in the market, as it did not make the photographs look any better.

MAC stands for Makeup Artist Cosmetics; it was initially designed for make-up artists and models only. However, soon it became a preferred choice of fashion-conscious women too. Today, MAC is the world’s leading make-up brand that caters to men and women alike across the globe. 

In the 1990s, MAC made its products available to the consumers and saw tremendous growth establishing a large number of stores across the world. Soon, MAC became a subsidiary of Estee Lauder. In 1998, Frank Toskan gave his shares completely to Estee Lauder and it took over the company entirely. In 2012, MAC launched its new product line, MAC Selena, for the first in India which saw an immense response from customers, and the stock was sold out in just a few hours. By 2017, MAC cosmetics were available for online purchase. 

As per MAC mission statement, MAC strives to be a leading brand delivering high-end professional make-up products and services. Also, it is the most authoritative brand supporting various communities and genders and offering a safe environment for work.

MAC mission statement

MAC Cosmetics mission statement is “To be the world’s leading makeup authority among both professional make-up artists and consumers. To meet customers’ need for superior quality services and to provide secure & challenging work environment for all employees.”

The MAC mission statement highlights the goals the company has been trying to achieve year after year through its undeterred efforts and clarity in what it aims to achieve. The statement clearly outlines the following:

  • Be a leading company in professional make-up: In accordance with MAC mission statement, the launch of MAC was like a “Birth of a Cult” as mentioned on the company’s website. When the company was launched it took the market by storm and to date, MAC products are equally popular as they were then. Their wide-ranging products are both street-savvy and glamorous. Whether it is fashion events, theater or photoshoots, or even weddings for that matter, make-up artists rely on MAC cosmetics to get the look they want to create. Today the company sells its products in over 90 countries and comes out with 50+ collections each year.
  • Quality products and services: True to its mission of providing quality cosmetics, MAC offers unmatched quality through its high-quality ingredients, remarkable formulations, and use of advanced technologies. This is also one reason why MAC products are expensive. However, when consumers get the desired look, they don’t want to buy any other brand. MAC also offers remarkable make-up services through their professional artists.
  • Cater to all: Apart from the company’s aspiration to be the first choice of makeup among professionals and consumers alike, the company also focuses on “All Races, All Sexes, All Ages”. This means that MAC wants to cater to all types of consumers irrespective of their gender, background, and origin. The company takes pride in supporting LGBTQIA+ community. The company simply aims at manufacturing premium quality cosmetics for one and all as stated in MAC mission statement.
  • Safe and Exciting Work Culture: Since MAC supports all communities and does not believe in gender boundaries, it offers a safe working environment for everyone. The company even partnered with Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) to ensure a supportive environment for the youth belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other such communities.

MAC Vision statement

MAC Vision statement states that “MAC was founded with a creative vision to fill the gap between makeup artistry and fashion photography.

Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo being in the photography and beauty industry themselves were not happy with the make-up and cosmetic products other brands were selling and their frustration led to the launch of MAC i.e. Makeup Artist Cosmetics. Hence, the company was formed with a vision to meet the needs of make-up artists and fashion photographers looking for products that would make the artists stand out in fashion shows, photo shoots and other events. 

So, MAC was launched to help models look extraordinary when they face the camera and lights. MAC makeup also lasts long through the day creating desired effects. 

The founders initially came with 30 different types of eye shadows lipsticks and various nail paint colors and foundation types to suit various skin tones. So, doing make-up with low-quality and/or limited shades was eliminated with the launch and success of MAC products.

MAC has thousands of make-up products and over the years with their remarkable quality products have become the most preferred brand for people in over 100 countries.

Abiding by MAC mission and vision, the company always goes the extra mile when need be. In the year 2020, MAC started a Maker a program by involving 6 influencers in its product development and promotion process. The target market for MAC products this time was the Middle East.

The brand has always tried to create new milestones by exploring and venturing into aspects that haven’t been explored yet. It is the most reliable and successful brand that has stayed true to its values. Also, as per MAC’s Global Brand President Pinatel the company is always targeting to take the market by storm through its innovations and setting new standards as no one else will.

MAC Core Values

MAC is about leading the cosmetics market, celebrating individuality, teamwork, setting trends and understanding its social responsibility. 

Its product expertise and excellence make it an unrivalled market leader. The company does not believe in sales only through promotions but on quality products. 

Also, the company believes in integrity and making products that are formulated keeping in mind its responsibility towards the planet. Moreover, MAC has always stood up against animal testing and was the first company that used alternative methods of testing cosmetics. The company also believes in transparency, fairness of conduct, diversity and inclusion.

The company’s motto, “All Ages, All Races, All Genders” reveal how committed MAC cosmetics is to seek justice for various communities. The company stands for diversity and supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Communities through its various funding events and programs. The company also aspires to create a world without any race biases and advocates racial equity. The company is specifically committed to the rights of the black community. 


MAC mission and vision state the company’s goal clearly without using any flowery language. The company clearly states that it wants to lead the professional make-up industry by meeting the needs of professional make-up artists looking for quality make-up that not only last long but also creates a notable difference when photographed. 

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