Lush Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Lush mission statement is “to make their products by hand with only vegetarian ingredients and little-to-no preservatives.” The statement boldly declared the component of the products manufactured by this company as a mark of their quality. It relates to the outlined features.

  1. Distinguished quality
  2. Improving health

The story before the rise of Lush enterprise reveals a company that suffered a rocky path until the founders discovered the secret towards quality products – freshest ingredients. Lush adopted the technique of 100% vegetarian derived cosmetic and beauty products, leading to its popularity in North America. The company also incorporates other recognized principles such as naked packaging and handmade items free of animal testing elements. The freshness of the products from this company is one of the major qualities that customers applause due to its contribution to health.


Since 1995, the success of Lush cosmetic retailer is linked to its ability to exploit its mission and vision statements. A corporate vision statement states the targeted future of a company. In contrast, a corporate mission statement is all about the routine activities of the firm.

In this case analysis of Lush, its vision statement highlights the business operations that the company targets especially in handmade products. On the other hand, the mission statement of Lush zeroes on the components that make its cosmetic products unique in the market. The company also applies its core values to improve the level of efficiency in all its outlets. To ensure that it remains competitive in this industry, Lush frames all its objectives and goals in line with the mission and the vision statements.

The ingenious implementation of these tools has given the company a direction, while at the same time offering it an edge over other players in the market.

Vision Statement

Though Lush has not published its vision statement, it demonstrates its commitment to quality and handmade cosmetics for all its customers in diverse ways.

In relation to the ingredients, the company states that “we believe in making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.” Simplicity is the primary approach in this company, and this is what has seen it grow into more than 250 shops.

Core Values

 Lush core values include “freshness, handmade, persistence, and creativity.” Both the layout and the products in all the outlets of this company share a common factor – uniqueness. It is an aspect that the company has achieved through its simple core values that emphasize on quality.


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