Assurant Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Assurant mission statement is “to help clients and customers protect what is important to them: their home, their personal property, and their ability to recover from natural, personal and financial catastrophes.” The statement proves that there is no limit to what Assurant issuers. The wide range of insurance products it offers is, in fact, what makes this company stand out. The following components make up this mission statement:

  1. Distinguished products
  2. Improving lives

To remain at the very top of its game, Assurant not only supports the major brands with its products but also the everyday people. The diversification and creation of customer-specific risk management products have seen Assurant expand its market exceptionally. The best part is that Assurant cares more about the benefits that its clients gain from its products as they keep their lives and businesses running seamlessly.


Assurant is one of the few risk management providers corporations in the U.S. that covers literary everything that matters for its customers. Its mission and vision statements are a testament of how comprehensive the coverage of this company is, making it the most sought-after in the nation. While a corporate vision statement determines the future of a firm, a corporate mission statement identifies ways of achieving that future.

In this case analysis of Assurant, the vision statement makes it clear that the company desires to always be there for its customers when needed the most. The mission statement indicates the commitment of Assurant to keep their clients protected and their developmental trends secured. For over a century, Assurant has depended on its core values to influence its practices, and this has been fruitful considering its rating in the insurance industry.

Vision Statement

Assurant vision statement is “to protect the things that matter most.” In this statement, the emphasis is on the legacy of being a trustworthy insurance firm. It has this main component:

  1. Offering protection. Assurant satisfies this component by tailoring all its services to the most demanded needs of its markets. It varies its products to ensure that it leaves nothing unattended. In addition, Assurant extends its impacts through its corporate social responsibilities.

Core Values

Assurant core values comprise “common sense, common decency, uncommon thinking, and uncommon results.” It is through these values that Assurant has remained strong since 1892. They have created a culture that focuses on nothing short of doing the extraordinary, and this is what has converted this company into a winner. 


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