Amica Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Amica mission statement is “to create peace of mind and build enduring relationships.” The statement emphasizes on the need of this company to satisfy its clients through its services. Amica considers strong relationships the beginning of these achievements. These main components make up this statement:

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improving lives

This company has a wide range of services in store for its customers to satisfy the first component. Some of these comprise auto insurance solutions, life assurance advice, and small business insurance. The professionalism that Amica uses to offer these services leads to healthy interactions with customers. In turn, this also translates to individualized or business success leading to better lives.


Amica is one of the oldest auto insurance advice and solutions company in the United States having started its operations in the early 1900s. The mission and vision statements of this company are an indication of a company that not only cares about its reputation but also that of its customers. A corporate vision statement determines the future that a company works to be in, while a corporate mission statement identifies the strategies that would drive the firm towards the identified future.

In this case analysis of Amica, the vision statement reveals the desire of the company to be a dependable insurance service provider for all its client. On the other hand, Amica mission statement emphasizes on the distinguished experiences it seeks to offer its customers. The success and stability of Amica since 1907 also comes down to its core values such as integrity. These have been instrumental in the continued growth and progress of Amica towards its vision.

Vision Statement

Amica vision statement is to become “a one-stop insurance provider.” The statement reveals the ambitions of this company to transform itself into a firm where customers find all their insurance solutions. The statement has these main components:

  1. One-stop
  2. Insurance provider

Amica acknowledges the need for centralized insurance services for customers in the contemporary era. That is why it strives to offer all these wherever it operates. In fact, through its experts and structural organization, Amica has earned itself a name and recognition in this sector in the U.S.

Core Values

Amica core values comprise “integrity, customer satisfaction, passion, and respect.” These are some of the guiding principles that emerge from the way Amica runs its operations. The organized nature of this insurance firm is proof that the management has created a strong culture that ensures this firm constantly remains focused on its mission and vision statements.


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