aWhere Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

aWhere mission statement is “to deliver the most complete agricultural information and insight for real-time agriculture decisions, every day, globally.” The statement emphasizes on the quality of services that it provides, and their impacts. This statement by aWhere has these main components:

  1. Exceeding expectations
  2. Improving lives

The activities and services that aWhere offers are simply extraordinary. The quality of information and advice that it offers its clients is an indication that this company has come of age. For instance, it professionally collects and analyses weather patterns in real-time to provide actionable results. The application of such advanced and innovative approaches has ranked this company at the top in this industry. The direct outcome of aWhere inputs is higher yields in crop production and better returns on investments for the farmers, which translates to better lives. In fact, its contribution to food security makes it even more reputable due to the extent of its impacts on the global scale.


Ever since its foundation in 1999, aWhere has remained pivotal in the reformation of agricultural approaches as stated by its mission and vision statements. With this company, farmers have benefitted from accurate predictions that de-risk their farming activities leading to better yields. The effectiveness of aWhere comes down to its mission and vision statement. The two corporate statements are both a reflection of the leadership that aWhere offers in the agricultural sector and its commitment to change.

Particularly, the mission statement of this company emphasizes on the exploitation of data to inform agricultural decisions. Other than these two tools, the core values are also instrumental in the success of aWhere. They provide a platform for this company to advance its innovations and expand its influence in the agricultural industry.

Vision Statement

aWhere vision statement is “transforming the future of agriculture through agricultural intelligence.” This company takes advantage of apps and algorithms to analyze data for better decision making. The statement has the following features:

  1. Transforming agricultural future
  2. Use of intelligence

These two components reveal that aWhere is determined to be the ultimate leader in the use of technology in the restructuring of how agriculture is approached in the future. In fact, the company has already laid a foundation for this shift in the way it is using its intelligence to guide the sector.

Core values

aWhere core values comprise “enrichment, excellence, impact, integrity, innovation, and value.” For this company to maintain its growth potential and influence in the agricultural industry, it needs a strong foundation and a defined culture. These values ensure that aWhere maintains its position in what it does best.


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