Blucora Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Blucora mission statement is “to become the people’s champion, and empower customers to uncover and leverage hidden pockets of financial opportunities to achieve their goals.” The statement singles out its capability to empower its clients through financial information. The statement has the following main features:

  1. People’s champion
  2. Improving lives

The first component shows that Blucora is a people-oriented company. The firm tailors all its services to the needs of its customers, and in addition, makes them easily accessible for all. Specifically, Blucora makes the understanding of tax and leverage possible through the tools and know-how it provides in its platform. The availability of such services expands and provides customers with better financial opportunities leading to improved lives as represented by the second component.


Blucora is a Texas-based internet-related services company. The firm is best known for its expertise in the provision of search engine, tax, and financial services through its online platform. Blucora has grown through time since 1996 as it adapts to the changing business landscape, just as indicated by its name change from INSP. Blucora mission and vision statement emphasize the developmental potential of this company.

A corporate mission statement is the indication of the routine actions and activities in a firm that pushes it towards its future. This status or position yet to be achieved by the company represents the vision statement of a firm. In this case, Blucora vision statement focusses on the impact the company will have on the understanding and tax benefits by its clients. The mission statement, on the other hand, emphasizes the financial difference Blucora seeks to make in the lives of its customers. In addition, Blucora uses its core values to keep the company focused on its mission and vision.

Vision Statement

Blucora vision statement has not been published by the company. The statement only becomes clear through the analysis of the activities of the firm and its determination to emerge as a reliable and trustworthy firm in matters tax and financial know-how.

For instance, the company focusses on two main services – the TaxAct and the Avantax, both of which significantly contributes to the lives of its customers.

Core Values

Blucora core values comprise “simplicity, expertise, and value.” The company regards these as its main three pillars that guide all its products and decisions. Based on Blucora, these values keep the entire firm dedicated to the customer and their priorities.

The company understands that satisfying the needs of its customer, as guided by these values, forms its growth foundation.


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