What Data Privacy Mission Statement Is?

Data Privacy MS

Having a quality and comprehensive data privacy mission statement is mandatory for any online platform to succeed. Almost reputable business prioritizes it today. 

You see, letting your customers and webpage visitors know about how you handle their data helps establish trust.  It creates a relationship of reliance and transparency. 

As a result, a lot of growth opportunities open up. It helps widen your customer base. You can even increase revenues as well as strengthen your business reputation.

But, for these opportunities, you need to have a quality statement. Without it, your customers would never develop trust in the first place. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of third-party tools available, such as Ethyca. Using these, you can make effective data privacy mission statements easily and quickly.

Well,  before we discuss the making process, let’s revise some fundamentals first!

Understanding the Basics

Data Privacy Mission Statement

Data Privacy Mission Statement refers to a declaration or document that states your data collection methods and information.

In it, you have to explain how you gather user data along with the ways you protect it. The document must be present on your website and other platforms. So,  people can access it easily.

Perhaps, the most prominent reason behind ensuring accessibility is the law. Several countries demand the companies maintain strict transparency in this regard. Some examples of such policies include GDPR and CCPA.

These data privacy mission statements also help experts and analysts in data mapping.  They can use the details to craft better tables and visuals. 

Besides, many external marketing tools demand a data privacy mission statement. These include Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook ads, and many more.  

Features of a Data Privacy Mission Statement

Features of a Data Privacy

Similar to all other documents, a data privacy mission statement has certain features that form its essence. A data privacy mission statement without those particular features won’t get called one. 

Yes, different companies may indeed have different statements. They may add or eliminate specific elements. However, all contain some fundamental ones. These include:

  • Company Details

Firstly, you must introduce the company or platform.  Tell the name, generic objectives, and contact details.  Also, explain the purpose of the document.

  • Personal Data Collection

Next, the document must talk regarding the personal data collected from the user. The type of data, how you will collect it, for how long you will store it, and the ways you will use it. 

It is crucial to mention everything and make it clear.  You need to inform your users thoroughly.

  • User Rights

After this, the statement must also explain the rights a user retains over the information. Can the individual access it, delete it, or have any other authority over it? Define everything.

How to create a Data Privacy Mission Statement?

The creation of the data privacy mission statement is quite simple, especially if you have understood the purpose and importance of features.

Begin by choosing a specific template or making one from scratch. There are uncountable options available online that are highly professional and effective. We recommend going with them as it conserves a lot of time.

Once done, collect all the required data from the statement.  You can use any third-party tool for data collection and organization. Formulate a statement based on the information,  edit it, and get it reviewed by experts.

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