Salesforce Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Salesforce mission statement “to empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way.” The focus of this statement is on the difference that Salesforce can make in all its clients. The statement has these primary points:

  1. Empower businesses
  2. Stimulating change and growth

Through its online platform, Salesforce undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the needs of all its customers. It uses such data-driven approaches to devise the best approaches that companies can exploit to improve their interactions with customers in a new way. Other than this, Salesforce also offers a wide range of specific business solutions together with support and services to empower them. In this way, it becomes the turning point form many companies especially in how they approach their business leading to growth.


As a cloud-based software company, Salesforce has succeeded in exploiting the power of technology in driving the growth of its business. With its mission and vision statements, this firm has grown into a major brand in the United States in just under 20 years since it came into operations in 1999. A corporate vision statement identifies the future of a business, while a corporate mission statement describes the ways through which the vision can be achieved.

In this case analysis of Salesforce, the vision statement of the company emphasizes on the empowerment potential of this company when it comes to connectivity of a business. On the other hand, the mission statement zeroes on the efficiency of its platform to transform businesses into award-winning entities. The mission and vision statements of Salesforce are seconded by the core values. These guide the activities and practices that make this corporation a major competitor in its sector.

Vision Statement

Salesforce vision statement is “We’re committed to a sustainable future for all.” The statement has the following points:

  1. Commitment
  2. Future for all

The business brand of Salesforce is built on the desire of the company to be a change agent. That explains why it continuously strives to provide dynamics products for its customers. While innovating the most applicable and modern ways to boost businesses, Salesforce ensures that they are fit for all businesses.

Core Values

Salesforce core values comprise “trust, customer success, innovation, equality, integrity, transparency, alignment, and accountability.” These all led to the culture that Salesforce is best known for – trust in the delivery of their promises.

The company states that with these values, it remains intentional about its Ohana and experiences that it delivers to its clients.


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