Temple University Mission Statement Analysis

temple university mission statement

Temple University is a well-known public research university established in 1884 by Russell Conwell to provide the best educational opportunities for highly motivated students. As of 2019, the university is known to have imparted education to around 40,000 students. The university offers professional education in various disciplines like law, medicine, podiatry, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, and architecture. There are over 500 academic courses that make it a leading professional university. It started as a night school, and today Temple University is a global name in higher education. Temple offers a perfect environment where students are nurtured under the guidance and support of distinguished faculty and academic advisors.

temple university mission statement

Temple University Mission Statement

Temple University Mission statement as mentioned on the website is “Opportunity. Engagement. Discovery.” It further says that “Temple University educates a vibrant student body and creates new knowledge through innovative teaching, research and other creative endeavors.”

Let’s now analyze these 3 key aspects of Temple University’s mission.

  • Opportunity: Temple University provides an excellent opportunity for thousands of students to attain affordable higher education and shine in their respective fields. The university also provides opportunities along with engaged scholarships and experiential learning that transform the students. 
  • Engagement: The university has been formed with a purpose to direct the attention and energy of the students towards quality education in their field of interest. When the students are actively involved in education, the results are promising. The university makes use of innovative teaching methodologies, research, and creative activities.
  • Discovery: This emphasizes that students must discover their own strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they must also discover others and the world through education. It is also worth mentioning that every department at Temple University has its own mission and vision statement as well.

Temple University Vision

There is no specific Temple University vision statement as such mentioned on the Temple University website.

At the same time, Temple University focuses on providing an excellent, transformative learning experience while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Over the years, the university has constantly grown and thrived by making it their vision to become the best version of themselves. 

In the words of Temple University’s 12th president Jason Wingard, “Temple will continue to provide its diverse and talented community of learners an unparalleled, accessible opportunity to leverage a best-in-class network of faculty and academic resources in support of dynamic and lifelong professional goals.”

The University also envisions providing students with an opportunity to take innovation and learning to the next level while preparing students to exceed employers’ expectations, resulting in great employment outcomes.

Temple University Values

Temple University core values revolve around integrity, adopting innovative teaching methodologies, striving for excellence, and establishing mutual respect while including people from different backgrounds. Key values of the university are:

  • Attaining excellence in education through the best efforts 
  • Including every individual in our community
  • Encouraging innovation, creativity, and change
  • Committed to following ethical and honest ways
  • Appreciating and acknowledging the effort of every individual 


Temple University is a recognized name in the professional education sector. Over the years, it has focused on adopting transformative learning experiences through an innovative and creative approach. The university ensures the holistic development of students by providing the best education by learned faculty, high-end infrastructure, and inclusive culture. 

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